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Listening Sessions

Announcing St. Mary’s “2020 Vision sessions” -  3 weeks of listening and communication discussions in October

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner, theologian and author

We invite you all to participate in St. Mary’s “2020 Vision” Sessions! We will build on the listening sessions that were an integral part of the development of St. Mary’s Profile and priorities for our now completed rector search. Rev. Robin Denney is now engaged and leading us forward as our new Rector! As we begin and plan our transition together, we ask you to think deeply about what is your passion for engagement as we articulate change, while preserving and building on our heritage.  The timing is great since, as we develop our plans for 2020, we intend to articulate and engage together as part of our stewardship - it is about the joy of living & sharing a prosperous life.  Now is the time for action with a sense of urgency!

St. Mary’s conducts a year-round program, which promotes our understanding of how to live a life of Christian Stewardship and to provide an appreciation of the church’s mission, operations and ministry. Time, Talent and Treasures from the Stewardship program are used to support the Clergy, Vestry and many Lay Leaders for activities supporting operations and ministries of St. Mary’s, inclusive of maintaining our facilities. We want to add a few more “T’s” for you to consider – Transparency and Transformation

The Finance Committee and Vestry are committed to developing and allocating our collective resources (time, talent, and treasure) to advancing our vision, while allocating our resources to achieve both short-term and long-term objectives. These sessions are designed to get your input, but also your engagement for us to achieve together our vision and objectives that are aligned around a common transformative vision. We intend to develop a 3-year, strategic financial plan that will be transparent and embraced by all!

At each session described below, we will make available a set of slides to articulate the 2020 Vision for discussion and alignment. Session will be led by Art Boni and Rev. Robin Denney.  Additional members of our guiding coalition will be engaged as well.  

Week One/Sunday, Oct. 6 (after 8am and 10am services) – Overview of 2020 Vision and roundtable discussions on “action hero’s” in the community; partnering to make our church home open to all to meet in fellowship and engage in service;

Week Two/Sunday, Oct. 13 (after 8am service) – Roundtable discussions on Priority Areas of 1) Outreach to all including youth, thru partnering, 2) Pastoral Care & Faith formation

Week Three/Sunday, Oct. 27 (after 10 am service) – Roundtable discussions on Priority area of 3) building on a base of excellent choral music program thru diversification and partnering

Week Four/Sunday in Nov. to be determined (after 10am service) – Discuss longer range buildings and grounds plans, and synthesis of priorities for input to Vestry/Finance Committee for their 2020 planning and budgeting process.

Earlier Event: October 5